How To Get Litecoin Online – Top 9 Methods

We are only able to extract the top 9 ways about how to get Litecoin online. However, we can see a lot of new methods to gain Litecoins in the future, as the market is constantly growing.

Litecoin Mining

Mining is one of the most prominent ways to get Litecoin (LTC). In the mining process, miners use the computational power of powerful computers, specifically designed to mine cryptocurrencies, to solve complex mathematical calculations. In exchange for the solved calculations, miners get cryptocurrencies as a reward. 


Mining is a reliable process comes first in How TO GET LITECOIN Online. And the popularity of this method is prominent – if you have high computational abilities. 

The Antminer L3+ is a famous ASIC miner for Litecoin. It is an efficient Litecoin mining hardware. In addition, the development company is a crypto-focused company known as Bitmain. 

Get Litecoin from gaming

Yes, you read it correctly. Gaming is an authentic way to get Litecoin. In this method, you get Litecoin directly during gameplay. But, several principles are there to get cryptocurrencies through games.

Firstly, a free reception of the game, in exchange for a return of computing power of the computer. This method is like the adware model. In which the developers get payments to the built-in advertising. 

Secondly, the direct production of cryptocurrency during the game, due to the use of a computer. 

However, the only difference between the above two principles – a user gets payment only in the second case. 

Crypto-enabled games are available for everyone. It is also an uncomplicated process of obtaining resources. But, a low level of earnings is a drawback of this method. Also, the fraud on the part of developers is in the form of non-payment. 



Faucets are websites or applications that provide Litecoin (LTC) to users for performing simple tasks. You can find a mix of activities like playing simple games, watching videos, filling captchas, etc. 

Once you complete these activities, you get a small amount of Litecoin. Ultimately, Faucets are a great way to earn some extra cryptocurrencies. Some famous Faucets are Idle Empire and Timebucks. There you can perform various tasks based on your interest. How TO GET LITECOIN Online? Keep reading!

Gamble using Litecoin

There are plenty of crypto casinos operating online. You can bet on them using Litecoin. Although gambling could be a riskier method, you can still get Litecoin if you are lucky enough. Some popular online casinos are Divas Luck, Wild Tornado, and Casombie, where a few allow you to use the spin for free. 


Get paid in Litecoin

In Europe and the United States, cryptocurrencies are a normal mode of payment at online stores, supermarkets, and even ATMs. Such places use different cryptocurrencies or exchanges for dollars and euros. 

It’s been a long since we have been using Litecoin for payment. These payments occur between the employer and the employee. 

Also, there is no extra taxes or interest for the transactions. As long as the sender and recipient have registered their addresses on one of the exchanges or sharing sites, they don’t need to pay any additional amount as taxes. 

Earn from affiliate programs

Another method to get Litecoin is getting a commission in LTC. Some businesses use cryptocurrencies (including LTC) to pay commissions. 

For instance, if you refer customers to their websites, you will get some LTC as a commission. The referral mechanism can work using codes, links, or even account numbers.


Some website offers Litecoin

Quite unrealistic, Right? We know that it is hard to believe. But, some websites offer cryptocurrencies for free. These sites provide cryptocurrency for free. Yet, the amount is small. Also, there could be some simple activities that you will need to perform to get Litecoin. 

Earn Litecoin through freelancing

If you have a skill, you can leverage it to earn from freelancing. Interestingly, some companies are willing to pay you in Litecoin. 

In addition, freelancers also get an opportunity to withdraw their income in Litecoin or other cryptocurrencies, even in their PayPal accounts. Hence, it is a better way to get some extra Litecoin.

Buy / trade Litecoin

Buying is by far one of the most prominent ways to get Litecoin. Platforms like Binance, CoinBase, eToro, etc., enable users to buy Litecoin. You can buy it on both; small and large crypto exchanges.

Yet, there are risks involved in using obscure marketplaces or brokerage platforms. Starting from the poor services, other demerits include expensive transactions, potential money scams.

The buying process is also pretty straightforward. All you need to do is install or visit a crypto exchange platform on mobile or desktop. 

Register yourself on the platform using your email. Do basic KYC with your PAN card. Start exploring and buying Litecoin along with other coins.  


Some options also allow users to withdraw their earned Litecoins through different mediums like PayPal, Bank Transfer, etc. Hence, we have articulated every possible way to get Litecoin online in 2022. 

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