A social networking platform designed exclusively for investors? It is a reality now in India

Stock traders are known to keep their observations and ideas to themselves, but information-sharing on dedicated social sharing platforms such as StockAtive is now allowing novice and professional alike to trade wisely and earn profit.

Investing in financial markets requires a high level of expertise and experience. You need to keep up with the latest happenings in the business world and be able to interpret charts, analyze reports, and recognize patterns.

Market traders have always been required to stay on top of macroeconomic and corporate news. As a result, stock, commodity, and currency trading has long been the domain of committed specialists and the rich. This exclusivity has been steadily reduced by social networks and online communities, resulting in the emergence of social trading, in which people share techniques. The stocks thread on Reddit has 371,000 users talking about what they purchase and sell. Social trading, according to David Myers, head of Deloitte UK’s capital markets practice, is part of a larger trend toward increasing openness and open information.

Isn’t it a solid idea to have a social networking platform designed exclusively for investors?

StockAtive is a new-age start-up that aims to bridge the gap. It allows you to learn and have fun while having an in-depth discussion about what’s happening around you. Now you can learn, earn, and have fun while investing in stocks that are making waves.

“Which is the best social media platform for traders in India?”

No one really asked these questions. And no one made any serious effort addressing this issue. We all know this. Some investors look at conducting comprehensive research and advanced risk management

Already curious to know more?

Let’s begin with exploring the term “Social Trading”

Social trading is trading where traders or investors replicate and implement the techniques of more experienced traders or peers. While most traders conduct their own fundamental and technical analysis, there is a subset of traders that prefer to watch and copy the work of others.

Interactive functions at StockAtive seamlessly integrated with all-the-good-things of social networking site allows traders to communicate with one another, study each other’s deals, and learn about decision-making processes.

How does it work?

StockAtive works wonder by giving instant access to the complex world of financial markets to novice and professional traders alike. It also allows them to exchange techniques and get inspired by other’s moves.

We strongly believe that some traders prefer to use a fully integrated social trading platform that allows for complete trading strategy sharing via “copy trading” or “mirror trading”.

As a member of the larger social trader group, you may choose to ‘subscribe’ to another well-established trader’s channel. You can follow and see where exactly they are investing, watch the

Experienced traders are often rewarded with both money and status for sharing their techniques – social trading networks typically contain a leader board based on popularity and success rate.

Alternatively, traders could employ social trading concepts while maintaining control over their transactions through the use of a variety of signals and indicators. Social trading can operate as a validation of other sorts of analysis by looking at market sentiment and activity of other traders.

Which markets are available for social trading?

In the early 2000s, social trading was initially utilized to replicate successful forex trading tactics. Since then, retail traders have begun to use it for an increasing number of deals across asset classes, as it allows anyone with little or no prior trading expertise to engage. As a result, social trading in stocks, commodities, and indices has grown in popularity.

Before you start social trading, there are a few things you should know.

Not everyone is suited to social trading. Although it has been praised for removing some of the barriers to financial inclusion, it has also been chastised for minimizing the knowledge required to properly navigate financial markets.

One of the most common mistakes social traders make is believing that the strategy entirely eliminates risk. All trading entails risk, and traders are certain to lose money at some point. As a result, the idea of relying on a third party’s judgment while still bearing all of the risks of loss is considered a major disadvantage of social trading.

StockAtive, a social network for investors and traders is without a doubt the company that has given shape, awareness, and visibility to what we now call Social Trading.

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